All the tips and tricks to bring out the maximum potential in you by treating the root problem: breaking your bad habits and forming good ones.

An extensive summary of the book, Atomic Habits authored by James Clear.

Have you ever been in the situation when you have a lot of ideas to do the task, but for some or the other reasons ex: procrastination, laziness etc. you end up doing a good job but a notch lesser than what you would have wanted to do? In addition, now you are less willing to make the modifications despite the fact that you have a chance to improve. This might happen due to barriers introduced due to overcoming authorities or because of increased hard work per unit of improvement made, or might be because of some other reason.


Here’s an idea that can help you extract more learning from your classes and deliver more in the corporate meeting.

If you have been a university student at any point in your lifetime, you will agree with me that different professors and teachers have different teaching styles. Some are fluid like water, and you can easily understand them, whereas others are more like thick shake, difficult to gulp down at one go.

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It leads to between the things teachers teach in the class and the concepts students can understand. Communication gap is what some call it. Others…

There are two types of people. Highly oriented and motivated towards academics. And the rest. So, test the waters, find where you belong now, and where you want to go in future.

Much of what you have already done till now matters the most. Spikes matter. Unfortunately or fortunately, this is the case for the summers.

Rigour is missing. Depth is missing. A lot of breadth to cover. Bandwidth is the constraint.

Fight for summers start as soon as you enter the school.

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Cracking interviews is a skill. About storytelling.

Low starting CTC…

When you enter the hallowed place, you will feel very cold. For the reason, that the place has always been very cold. Almost everyone will shiver a bit, some for less, some for more time. So, prepare yourself mentally.

Only the strongest who can make their mark on the first battle will only be rewarded with the prize, at the world stage. But, everyone has to keep in mind, including the strongest ones, to prepare for the upcoming fight. A win or a good show of strength helps in the next fight too. A win ensures that he/she has not…

Have you ever done a prank on one of your closest relatives or friends, that made them think that their world has fallen apart? Or according to them, you may have crossed the line.

Calling pranks is a skill that only a few people relate to. Not everyone wakes up with the thought of pranking others.

Serious pranksters are also ready for the repercussions. Especially if it is being done with a stranger. Or someone whom you just know, but not very closely.

The actual sense of a prank is achieved only when it triggers the deepest of emotions. And…

[A personal habit experiment] And used those hours to do something much more productive.

Like a typical person inundated with a large inflow of information every day, I too wasted hours of my productive time on useless things such as surfing Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Now, I had already taken care of minimizing my time waste at Instagram and Facebook by simply uninstalling them and not using them. However, that’s a story for another time.

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The thing with Youtube is, that it's a system app that comes preloaded on Android phones and you cannot uninstall it.

After multiple tries…

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Wondering what to do in India’s 21-day lock-down?

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the nation of 1.2+ billion people at prime time on 24th March 2020. The Prime Minister announced the lockdown of the whole country…

Scott Adkins starrer movie. Genre: Crime/Action

This movie is directed by Jesse V Johnson which came out in 2019.

The movie focuses on few limited characters and retrospective storytelling. Scott Adkins narrates the past in the first person.

It’s a story of the transformation of the movie’s protagonist; sort of “Creed” stuff with lots of fighting leading to the transformation and in a prison. It includes graphic and mental storytelling of the circumstances which lead the protagonist to that stage. …


It is a heartwarming story of the relationship between a daughter and her father who has raised her without her mother. The script of the movie is about the daughter’s dream of studying in London and all the subplots revolve around this bigger theme. The story is not all complicated and very easy to understand even though there are a number of subplots but nothing that would require to put your brain to work during the movie.


Mainly it's a drama but any viewer would understand a strong presence of the second sub-genre of comedy. The duo of…

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